This week I've had amazing interactions with two really big company's. I frequent Starbucks for coffee in the morning on my way to work and Amazon to buy things we need for the apartment/upcoming wedding. Amazon After our first rain rain in quite awhile, the apartment started to leak in the bedroom, getting the bedding and mattress all wet. We read...
I don't know about you, but just about every time my phone gets a notification, I seem to have the urgency to look at it. We are so reliant on our phones for work, communicating with people and keeping up with the latest news. However, it does seem like far too often I am sucked down the blackhole that...
I was sent this video of my Grandma Sergie reviewing the movie Gravity. She told it like it was, unfiltered and with her Iowa accent.


Where will you put your money? Will it just sit in your bank account and fly out as quick as you get it? Will you allocate to things you want/need?
I recently stumbled upon Google Photos, a free photo backup app for your iPhone or Android device. You capture every moment possible with photos your phone, but what happens when you can't capture them anymore because your phone's storage is full? That's where Google Photos comes into play. Google Photos automatically backs-up your photos to the cloud, the second you snap...
5 Must Have Wordpress Plugins
Don't get me wrong, WordPress is great out of the box but it still has some limiting factors and performance issues that can be fixed with plugins.
This next Monday, I'm embarking on a new journey. Nope, not a vacation or a hiking trip but a new journey of employment. I have been beyond blessed to have worked at LifePoint Church for the last number of years, as a contractor, Maintenance Technician, and Media Assistant. I have accepted a new position with Evergreen Public Schools as a Instructional...
Disneyland trips have the potential to be full of stress and chaos, especially when you get that low battery 20% message on your phone.
Hashtags are useful when used correctly and really annoying when used just because you want to use them.
Personal Branding Is Important
These days everyone and their mom is on Social Media. However, there is usually a very big inconstancy when it comes to developing your personal branding on a platform.