One of the Most Brilliant Marketing Ads I’ve Ever Seen

Usually, my eyes are trained to look past Facebook Ads at this point, because as you all know, Facebook is saturated with them. I was doing some scrolling, as most of us do from time to time on, but this particular Ad caught my attention…

It’s brilliant due to the fact is has everyone’s favorite characters from NBC’s The Office. Kevin, Stanley, and Meredith make an appearance in an Ad for Trainual. See, I now know more than I probably wanted to know about this training software, but because the Ad was relatable, it drew me in.

Marketing teams spend countless hours, and often thousands of dollars making a video to try to sell or promote their product that is never relatable. I know that’s not the goal always, but more times than not I will purchase a product if I can relate to the advertisement.

What is your Favorite Ad you’ve seen that you can relate to? I’d love to hear in the comment below.

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