Unplugging Is Essential To Resting Well

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I don’t know about you, but just about every time my phone gets a notification, I seem to have the urgency to look at it. We are so reliant on our phones for work, communicating with people and keeping up with the latest news. However, it does seem like far too often I am sucked down the blackhole that is Facebook and Twitter, endless scrolling for no real purpose at all.

A few years ago I took a family vacation and I decided to unplug and leave my phone in airplane mode, and I just used the camera function to take photos and I also had it off when I was not taking photos. I noticed during this time that I was able to focus more on my family and really engage with what was going on without being bombarded with texts and notifications. There was a sense of rest that came with that. It was nice to not being connected with anyone else besides the people I was with.

I urge you to unplug, it is essential to truly resting well. Even if it’s just leaving your phone in your bedroom while you are out in the other room for the afternoon or evening. You’re not going to miss out on a whole lot with your phone not being in your hand every second. I’ll be honest, I don’t do it as often as I should and as I am writing this post, I am thinking of implementing this more often. Especially when I am on vacations with family or my fiancé. The most important people will be with me and I don’t need to keep everyone updated with a play by play every second. Rather, I could give a recap maybe at the end of the day with a photo or maybe limit myself to posting 2-3 times and then turning off my phone.

Have you unplugged or went off the grid? Did you find yourself more rested after you did? 

  • Skye Gilbreth

    Good article. I literally did this yesterday. I haven’t had alone time in almost two months. I always had someone here I was entertaining. So yesterday I needed a break. I turned my phone off, ate junk food and binged watched iZombie. It was nice.

  • Ashley Statt

    I agree! I think the best thing I’ve done is turn my phone off at night so I don’t get the urge to open it up if I can’t sleep or wake up because of a text!

  • Tawny Toscano

    A little unplug time is great. I think it helps relax you and free your mind from all the junk.

  • Pip Tips

    I think this is very true and always switch off in the evenings

  • I think you are right. The phone and computer can be so distracting. I’ll admit I’ve woken up just to check something I was thinking about on my phone. When I really want to disconnect I leave my phone in another room.

    • I have done that too. Or in a dream you did something and you have to check if you actually did or not.

  • This is a big part of the reason why I charge my phone in the other room now. It was always too tempting when I saw that notification link blinking next to my bed.

  • Krista Kot

    Unplugging is so critical for me on weekends, because I spend so much of my time online during the week, whether it’s with blogging, on social media, or just being online for work. I love unplugging and instead spending days hiking– it really helps clear my head when everything seems kind of scrambled! 🙂

  • Bobbi

    I find myself checking my phone or needing to look at notifications when they pop up. I do try and unplug on the weekends some but it is a challenge.

  • Amber V Briglio

    I totally agree. I have a hard time separating from my phone but when I do I feel so much more free!

  • Tasha Haley

    I am at the stage I get scared to open the notification list incase I need to deal with it hahaha

  • I do that sometimes but then we you go back it’s so hard to keep up with all the notifications

  • I totally know how it goes! The battle between staying up to date with the rest of the world and being in the present and immersed in the surrounding environment! Thanks for this! I always need a reminder 🙂

  • Lauren Kinde

    I’m the opposite of most people. I hate having my phone near me and especially cannot stand it making noises. It’s awesome that you have the willpower to turn it off every once in a while!