Backup Your Photos With Google Photos

I recently stumbled upon Google Photos, a free photo backup app for your iPhone or Android device. You capture every moment possible with photos your phone, but what happens when you can’t capture them anymore because your phone’s storage is full?

That’s where Google Photos comes into play. Google Photos automatically backs-up your photos to the cloud, the second you snap them. With Google Photos, you don’t have to worry about your phone crapping out and you losing all of those precious moments.

One of my favorite features of Google photos the “Free up space” tool. It basically checks the photos on your phone in comparison to the ones on the cloud, and will remove them once they are securely found in the cloud. This frees up space to take more photos, install more apps and update your phones software.

You also have the option to save high-quality versions of your photos or the original ones. Obviously, the originals will take up more space, but you will get a much better version. Since you have the option to save the original, you can purchase more space for your Google Photos account. If you don’t care about the original, don’t worry… the high quality photos are still really great and you can store an unlimited amount of those types.

Google Photos is so helpful and easy to use, I just had to share it with you all.

Give Google Photos a try. 

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