Money dictates a lot of things in are lives. Where we live, how we eat, what kind of car we drive and even the things we do for entertainment. We are rounding the first of the month, the time when most people get paid. Where will you put your money? Will it just sit in your bank account and fly out as quick as you get it? Will you allocate to things you want/need?

As most of you know, I am in the middle of saving up money for a wedding, paying off debt and having enough money to live. Stephanie introduced me to EveryDollar, which is a free app that lets to designate where every single dollar you make goes, and helps you set up a budget to save and put money aside for things that are coming up or you want. Please note, this not a sponsored post… it’s just a post that I couldn’t wait to write to share with you how I am saving money and taking control of my personal finances.

The app is awesome, you can track exactly how much money you’re spending in real-time, by adding things as an expense as they happen, and it will show you how money you still have left over for the month in that category. As you can see, I budgeted $100 in May for gas, and spent $35.93 when I took this screenshot. I enter exactly what I spent after I fill up my tank in my car before I leave the gas station.

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I truly believe that we are given a huge responsibility with our money, and if we don’t allocate it, it will find way to allocate itself. It’s a relief to feel in control of your finances and to know what to plan for and to even start planning for the unexpected.

View EveryDollar online or download the app for Android & iPhone.

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