Movie Reviews With Grandma Sergie

I was sent this video of my Grandma Sergie reviewing the movie Gravity. She told it like it was, unfiltered and with her Iowa accent.

After receiving this video, I thought I would start a YouTube channel where my Grandma Sergie would do reviews of movies, adding her own take on them and what not. I though it would be viral and a huge hit. It was just an idea that never came into fruition. Sometimes you have ideas that seem brilliant.

Little did you probably know, my Grandma recently passed away from congestive heart failure, and this video depicts her so very well. A sweet lady who always told it like it was. She was a mom of 11 children, and grandma to countless grand/great-grandchildren.

You’re probably wondering why I decided to post this blog post and titled it what I did, but I really wanted to share the humorous side of her and have an excuse to share a little bit of a tribute to her as well.


Grandma Sergie’s mobile home was always the gathering place for countless breakfasts of biscuits and gravy, as well as numerous chicken and waffle dinners. Yes, all of the family would gather inside her mobile home with just enough room to barely move around. You always felt at home though, with her walls full of pictures of the family and odd nick-knacks of things she collected while traveling the US. As stated in her obituary in the Walla Walla Union Times, “Anyone that went to visit always left with a little love in a jelly jar.”

She left a legacy of love and hospitality.

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