charity: water Gets It

charity: water

Yesterday as I was browsing Twitter, Charity Water tweeted this:


Then this morning, I received this email in my inbox:


In light of the terrorist attacks in Brussels today, charity:water decided to hold off on launching their 10th anniversary campaign. This is a company that gets marketing. In times of tragedy, people don’t want to hear about your new product, campaign or whatever else you may be marketing. They want to sympathize with you.

This is a lesson we can all learn when tragedy strikes. Instead of carrying out what was planned, pull back the reigns and look at how the tragedy or event affects your audience.

I loved how they followed up their email with a blog post explaining their reasoning.

Leave room in your marketing plan to be flexible when the unexpected happens. When it comes to social media, automation can be a great tool but make sure to go in and adjust it when things like this happen.

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