Personal Branding Is Important

Personal Branding Is Important

These days everyone and their mom is on Social Media. However, there is usually a very big inconstancy when it comes to developing your personal branding on a platform. Take Marketing Guru Gary Vaynerchuck as an example…

When you visit Gary Vaynerchuck’s Twitter account, you can easily find him by using @GaryVee. The same goes for his Instagram, Snapchat and more. He’s consistent in using @GaryVee on all platforms. You’ll also notice his profile photo is clean and usually always consists of a headshot. His bio is also very consistent, although it sometimes varies, it still carries out who he is to his audience and potential audience.

Now, lets take that same concept down to average joe like yourself trying to make a name for yourself in the social sphere. It would be very misleading if you were one name on one social platform and something else on another. Now I know it’s not always possible to get the same username if there are other people with names similar to yours. But you can get a close one. For example, if you’re @JoeSmith on Twitter and on Instagram @JoeRobertSmith, the likely hood is that your middle name is Robert, so that works. As often as your can, you should try to match the same usernames across all platforms.
You can use to find if your username is available on a platform or not.

Take your profile photo, you have a pic of you sitting in your office on Twitter, but on Instagram it’s a picture of you and your second cousin once removed. Someone may be able to quickly glance and notice it’s you, but not as quickly as if it was just you. The photos don’t have to be the same necessarily, but they should help easily identify you.

Consistency in your personal branding makes it easier to be found and engage with.


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